IT Evaluations

Our aim is to make experienced IT experts available for every given mission. Our main objective : support our customers in elaborating their IT vision and building their projects, respecting their sector requirements. We provide our full experience and know-how in this field.

IT Project Management

Work organization is an essential factor of productivity and efficiency. Project management allows planning tasks, to call upon resources and restrict unexpected events.

  • Which methods and tools to adopt?
  • What is the role of the project leader?
  • How to plan the resources?
We provide all these elements in order to realize your project in whole details and within forecasted costs.

Specific developments

Tools ready to be used or standard solutions respond to a large range of needs. Nevertheless, some particularly innovative, ambitious or simply atypical projects cannot be satisfied with these standard tools. It is thus necessary to turn to specific developments, either for the whole project or for completing the solution functionalities. Our experienced developers will be in charge of satisfying your needs in order to provide additional values to your solution.


Our trainings for databases, development tools and Business Solutions are adapted to the specific needs of organisms and companies. Our trainings take directly place in your company or other places to be agreed of.

Some training can, according to the demand, be provided by E-learning.


We help you in solving your problems. Our specialists are ready to assist you in English, German, Spanish, Italian or French.

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