Business solutions

Software :

  • Prefecta - eGovernment business management

  • Libero - libraries management

  • DeepSee BI - Business Intelligence

  • Iknow management systems of non structured data, Thesaurus

  • ELBA simple local accounting application

DB Cache Post-Relational

Caché, the post-relational database distinguishes itself by its high performances, its massive progression, its fast application developments and profitability. These values are apparent in the fundamental architecture of Caché.

Caché stocks the data in a multidimensional format extremely efficient, assuring very fast performances even in case of strong charge, and on material configurations much more modest than other database systems.
In addition, Caché puts his data at the disposal of a large technologies range. This way, it encourages the opening and fast development of applications as developers can use familiar and current tools.
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Offers the best technological response : an advanced and integrated platform.

It is an environment of integrated management for the applications (Business Solutions). ekon – karat is made not only for the development of applications, but also for installation, support, maintenance, development, personalization and so on.

Our platform assures a maximum independence from the elements that compose the technological environment (databases, operating systems, peripherals…). It also allows a high autonomy degree in the automation of the business process. This, thanks to its complete range of assistants, which simplify the user tasks previously carried out by consultants or developers. ekon –karat operates also standard market tools such as : Visual Basic, Java, Scripts…

Main functionalities

  • Design (forms, tables, statistics, listings, domains, business objects...)
  • Levels of organization
  • Document Management
  • BPM
  • Event Management (Widgets)
  • Workflow
  • statistics
  • Massive changes
  • Management rules
  • Assistants
  • Tools CASE
  • Consumer Portals
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