Connection of primary systems to an EPD community thru BINTmed Adapter

Why connect to the EPD ?

The Swiss Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) is created. Finally, the many data silos in healthcare can open in a safe and controlled manner, gradually building a defined place of knowledge about a patient - the EPD. Health professionals can, with the patient's permission, view not only their own records, but also other healthcare professionals' data and information about the same patient, and submit new reports and insights to subsequent health care professionals in the patient's dossier. The optimization of the treatment by means of improved decision bases is the overarching goal.

The BINTmed Adapter facilitates connection to the EPD The BINTmed Adapter simplifies access to the EPD for all medical information systems in the hospital (PIS) and hospital (HIS). Although the EPD is based on international standards to avoid isolated applications, this unfortunately does not mean that it eliminates the technical complexity of using these standards. This is where the BINTmed Adapter with its simplified web service interface helps. The easier calls are translated into orchestrated sequences of calls according to the IHE and HL7 standards.

The BINTmed Adapter does not require certifications of PIS and KIS The software of PIS and KIS providers does not have to be certified according to the EPDG because the components to be certified are integrated in the BINTmed Adapter. In addition, the BINTmed Adapter always complies with the requirements of the EPDG, i. new requirements from EPD are always updated on time.

The BINTmed Adapter comes in two variants The BINTmed Adapter is offered on the one hand as a cloud service (SaaS) and on the other hand as an on-premises appliance. The appliance can typically also be used as a full-fledged EAI platform / ESB in a hospital environment.